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At Inndus, we are a team of print professionals that are in this profession because we are ‘Passionate about Printing’ and our work has reiterated this unequivocally. Our focus remains on great print quality and consistently offering a delightful customer experience. We always deliver on our promises, both to each other and to our clients. This has been possible because of our uncompromisingly high standards. Our Clients vouch for the ‘Inndus experience’. We are a Xerox Premier Partner.


  • We use digital technology – using high end and sophisticated digital technology enables us to produce the exact high quality for you every time.
  • We produce lower volumes at low unit prices – you do not need to order large volumes.
  • We delight customers consistently. Helping you achieve your objectives is our objective.



  1. Speak with you and understand your printing needs
  2. Accept your artwork
  3. OR Create your artwork for you after listening to and understanding your needs and concepts
  4. If artwork is created for you, we send it to you for approval
  5. Once approved/ we receive your artwork, our production team look after pre – production, production and post-production needs
  6. Our packaging department packages your product and then
  7. Hand it over to our logistics partner who ensure that your products are delivered at your doorstep

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